Good Mental Health is 1,2,3

Oct 9, 2012 - 12:07:00 PM

1: How we feel about/cope with ourselves
2: How we feel about/cope with others 
3: How we are able to meet the demands of life Mental health deals with how we think, feel and cope with daily life.

How we feel about/cope with ourselves - Characteristics
- I take pleasure in everyday things
- I feel able to deal with most situations and am not overwhelmed by emotions
- I can take life’s disappointments in stride I have a tolerant attitude toward myself as well as others
- I am realistic about my abilities I can accept my own shortcomings and laugh at myself.

How we feel about / cope with others - Characteristics
- I am able to love and consider the interest of others.
- I have personal relationships that are satisfying and lasting I can trust others and feel they can trust me.
- I do not take advantage of others nor do I let others take advantage of me
- I feel a sense of responsibility to others.

How we are able to meet/cope with the demands of life- Characteristics
- I do something about problems as they arise I accept responsibilities
- I shape my environment when possible and adjust to life’s challenges
- I plan ahead and do not fear the future I welcome new experiences and set realistic goals for myself

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